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How-To: Set Goals for the New Year - VeryWell Fit

This VeryWell Fit article stuck out to us, and we wanted to share it with you all. It touches on the idea of not just setting new goals, but setting the right goals.

Below are some tips about looking towards the opportunities that are on the horizon of 2021. We hope you feel inspired, excited and ready to set the goals that will make this year your best one yet! Here’s what the article had to say:


1. Rigid vs. Fluid

"Goals can be tackled in steps, beginning with baby steps and increasing in difficulty as you become more accustomed to the change. This makes goals more realistic for lasting change."

2. Sense of Accomplishment vs. Sense of Failure

"Goals give you a direction to aspire to, but with the baby steps you may be taking toward your goal, you can still feel like you’ve accomplished something and are on the right track, which will, in turn, keep you moving in the right direction."

3.The Scope of the Change

"With goals, if you find a planned change too difficult to carry out, you can adjust the goal to a lower intensity, or drop that plan but pick a different new behavior to try that will still lead to the same end result, and not lose sight of the goal."

4. Keep Your Future in Mind

"If you can keep in your mind the image of where you would ultimately like your goals to take you, it’s easier to stick with them."

5. Think in Terms of Specific Behaviors and Broad Changes

"Resolving to develop a meditation practice gives more room for growth and change than resolving to do yoga every morning. While you’ll definitely want to put your broad goals into specific behaviors, being open to more gives you room to experiment, and allows you to change course if you find that your chosen specific behavior isn’t working for you."

6. Think of What You're Adding, Not What You're Taking Away

"Instead of making the goal to eat less unhealthy food, focus on trying to eat more healthy food. You may subconsciously feel more deprived if you think of taking something away rather than adding something good, and if you replace unhealthy food in your diet with healthy food, the same goal is accomplished."

7. Create Habits

"You can increase it as the habit becomes more ingrained, but shoot for something that will help you feel accomplished but not exhausted, and something you can stick to."

8. Reward Yourself

"Remember that change doesn’t come overnight, but as you work toward developing what is important to you, the change will come, and it will be lasting."


To read the full article from VeryWell Fit, click here!


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