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How-To: Winterize Your Home

Doing your research and getting your home ready for the cold weather is extremely important. We want to help you make sure your home is as safe, as sound, and as warm as possible! Take a look at our checklist on how to winterize your home.

1. Make sure to clean your gutters from leaf buildup before winter hits hard.

This prevents icicles and ice dams from forming.

2. Make sure doors and windows are sealed tightly, so no warm air inside the home can escape.

You can caulk or apply weatherstripping in problem areas.

3. Replace the furnace air filter in your HVAC unit.

Also, get your heating system checked out by a professional to make sure you aren’t stranded without heat in the coldest part of the winter!

4. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure the chimney is cleaned and ready for use.

5. Disconnect hoses from the outside faucets.

6. Make sure the pipes under your house are wrapped in insulation.

7. If there is a freeze warning for the night make sure your trickle cold water from your indoor faucets.

This ensures water is continuously moving through your pipes and prevents freezing. Also, open your cabinets under the sink to keep warm air circulating throughout.

8. Check your attic insulation. In older homes there may be insufficient insulation.

There should be a minimum of R-38 insulation, about 10-14 inches deep.

9. Reversing all your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise so it blows the hot air down to the floor.

10. Get faucet covers for your outdoor spigots.

This prevents water from building, freezing, and busting the spigot.


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