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Huntsville is the new home of the US Space Command Headquarters

The role of the Space Command is to conduct operations such as enabling satellite-based navigation and troop communication and providing warning of missile launches. That is different from the Space Force, which is a distinct military service like the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.


The move is said to bring 1,600 jobs to the Huntsville area. This week the U.S. Air Force announced that it wants to make Huntsville the new home of the US Space Command Headquarters! As of right now Redstone Arsenal is the preferred location for the new headquarters, with an official decision coming in 2023.

With this exciting news comes a lot to talk about! It is reported that the move will initially bring 1,600 new jobs to our area. This will be massive for the Huntsville-Madison Area.

Mayor Battle said the construction will take about six years to complete. This includes improving the city’s infrastructure by completing the Northern Bi-Pass and completing the Madison Lake Overpass. All of these things, he says, will make transportation in Huntsville so much better.

Historically, projects like this have massive economic benefits to the surrounding area including more jobs, better efficiency with city projects and room for similar investments in the future.

We are proud that Huntsville was chosen due to its capacity for infrastructure, community support and low coast to the Department of Defense. Huntsville is a welcoming city, and it will be exited to further its legacy of pioneering aerospace research.

“This is outstanding news, not only for our state but also for the Air Force,” U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby said. “This long-awaited decision by the Air Force is a true testament to all that Alabama has to offer. Huntsville is the right pick for a host of reasons – our skilled workforce, proximity to supporting space entities, cost-effectiveness, and quality of life, among other things. I am thrilled that the Air Force has chosen Redstone and look forward to the vast economic impact this will have on Alabama and the benefits this will bring to the Air Force.”


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