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Living Room Design Trends of 2021-22

For most households, the living room area is the heart of the home. This is where we gather. Where first steps are taken, holiday gifts are opened, and movie night memories are made! So, it’s important that not only is the space comfortable, but it should also reflect the personality and lifestyle of those who live there.

Whether your space is intimidatingly empty or just ready for a
quick facelift, we’ve got some tips and tricks to liven up
your living room area with the latest trends.

***Pro Tip: Classic, timeless furniture in your design style is the perfect backdrop for whatever interior design trends may come or go. For example, invest in and keep the classic couch for years, but switch out the trendy pillows ever so often.

The 70’s are here to stay!

Simple nods to retro styles — burnt orange colors, wicker and macrame pieces, mid-century shaped furniture — add warmth to a home that can be hard to cultivate otherwise. Whether you live in a historic home or a new-development apartment: Vintage, retro furniture and decor can actually fit many different design styles and add an air of sophistication and spirit to your space.

Material World

As minimalism remains at the forefront of trends for many interior design styles, this design method truly focuses on the details. With that being said, materials and texture have the power to make a huge impact in your space. We’re seeing glass being used as a statement piece in many spaces, whether that’s large windows or oversized glass lighting. This goes hand-in-hand with the trend of focusing on natural materials such as wood, recycled metal, etc. whether in statement furniture pieces or smaller decorative items.

Get the most out of your space!

Being stuck at home during the pandemic led to many people getting creative with how they utilized their space. Dining room tables became home offices, living rooms became break rooms, and many of us began to see our homes in a different light. Well, that trend is here to stay — multifunctional rooms make the most of the space available and can divide the room in innovative ways. Especially for open floor plans, consider using the vertical space in your home by working in platforms, shelving, and built-ins to divide spaces or simply get the most use out of the area.

Color your world!

While basic and natural colors are still ruling spaces predominantly, accent shades of green and black are making their way into homes as well. These shades of green are easy on the viewer’s eyes and can easily revitalize an area without overwhelming the space. Black accents — think doors, furniture, lamps — are the perfect contrast to the popular bright, airy spaces. On the same note, having consistent accents throughout your space, whether that’s gold, silver, wood, matte, etc., can truly make a room feel much more cohesive.

These tips can totally transform your space, or they can be used in accents to simply revitalize your space! With the living room being the center of a home, it should embody whatever makes you feel most at home. When it comes to your home, if you’re starting the buying or selling process or just need some advice, we are happy to help. Get in touch at!


Whether you’re just starting the buying or selling process or just need some advice,

we are happy to help. Get in touch at!

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