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Understanding Real Estate: Preparing to Buy a Home!

Are you or a loved one preparing to buy a home in the near future? Or maybe you're just wondering how the process works before you get into it? has some great resources, and we are going to highlight some of their recommendations for home buyers today in the post below!

1. Talk to Mortgage Brokers Taking the time to get pre-qualified and shop around for the best mortgage for your situation can make all the difference when it comes time to put in an offer. You want to land on what's best for you considering a number of factors - So don’t be afraid to put in some time looking around! The time you put into this beforehand will have a positive impact on the rest of the process. Contact us if you would like clarification on any of the steps of the home loan process!

2. Be Ready to Move It’s very common for home buyers to miss out on the first home they wish to purchase because they don’t act quickly enough! Go ahead and start packing boxes of things you don’t need everyday; this could be decorations, seasonal clothes, or just extra shoes. A head start is a head start, and you will want to be thankful you did this when the time comes to actually move!

3. Find a Trusted Partner It’s absolutely vital to find a real estate professional who understands your goals and can guide you through the process! The Morris Team can help you every step of the way to make sure you succeed and . Contact us today to have a conversation and get some answers to any questions you may have!

4. Make a Strong Offer Remember that it is unlikely for your offer to be the only one on the table. Do what you can to ensure it’s appealing to a seller and within your total budget. You don’t want to miss out on your dream home! That being said, don't forget to factor in any maintenance/update/repair costs into your buying budget before making that offer!

5. Think Ahead It’s easy to get wrapped up in your present needs and priorities, but also consider any long-term needs and reselling the home before you buy! Even if you’re not thinking about it now, your family could grow, parents might move in, etc.! On average, a first-time home buyer stays in that house for around 10 years.

6. Develop Your Wishlist Prioritize your wish list, taking into consideration not only home features, but neighbors, nearby schools, recreation, area expansion plans, safety, and more. Not every house will have everything, but you can get closer to what you want with a detailed wishlist to look at during the process. There are many resources you can reference for information in this realm. We would be happy to help you navigate this and offer our expertise!

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