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Did You Know: HSV Facts!

Today we are sharing some interesting facts about Huntsville! We'd love to hear which ones you didn't know beforehand! 📝

Hunstville's Railroad Depot is one of America's oldest.

The Huntsville Depot located on the Norfolk Southern Railway line in downtown Huntsville is the oldest surviving railroad depot in Alabama and one of the oldest in the United States. Completed in 1860, the depot served as eastern division headquarters for the Memphis and Charleston Railroad.

Weeden House Museum is the oldest building in Alabama still open to the public.

The Weeden House was built in 1819 and is named for Dr. William Weeden, father of painter and poet Maria Howard Weeden, who bought it in 1845 and whose descendants lived in the home until 1956.

Huntsville is considered a part of the Cumberland Plateau.

Huntsville is partially surrounded by several plateaus and large hills. These plateaus are associated with the Cumberland Plateau, and are locally called "mountains".

Huntsville is built over a vast network of caves.

An estimated 240 caves are known, named and catalogued by the Alabama Cave Survey within the city limits and Redstone Arsenal, according to the 2005 publication “Tales of Huntsville Caves.” Between Madison and Jackson counties, there are more than 2,000 mapped caves.

Lily Flagg was a prize cow that took top honors in Chicago as world's greatest butterfat producer.

Lily Flagg Milk Stout is named for Huntsville's most famous quadruped. A prize cow owned by Samuel B. Moore, Lily Flagg was honored as one of the world's best butterfat producers in 1892 at an exposition in Chicago.


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