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Understanding Real Estate: Preparing to Downsize - Part 1

What stays, what goes, and what's weighing you down? When you're looking to downsize, it means you're going to have to pick and choose what makes it to the moving truck. Getting organized and decluttered can be exhausting, and the feelings that come with it can be too.

The good news is that there are things you can do to make this process a bit smoother. Your mindset is half the battle! Keep reading to find out more about how to get tidied up without feeling tired out!

Letting Go Means Losing Control

No strings attached giving is hard. You may have to witness your daughter chalk paint your mother’s buffet. Know that you are making great decisions for your family in its current circumstance. Lifestyles change and so can you! Fear of change leads to complacency.

Feelings Come Flooding In

GET READY- you are going on a guilt trip! It may be harder than you think to pare down. You need to be mentally ready for this move. Remember, it is okay to let go!

Self Storage- A Temptation to Resist

At some point the temptation to put your things in storage and sea with them later will creep in! This is a trap that will cost you money and peace of mind. Your stuff will build and build and build until one day you have to choose what to do with it. Your choice!

The Antique Market is Struggling

We love antiques but the upcoming generation does not see the value in real wood furniture- YET! The market is currently flooded, but there is hope. Eventually they will come around, and you can sell your 300 pound armoire!


These are just a few tips we have on preparing yourself (mind, schedule, and all!) for downsizing. Stay tuned for more ways to make this process a little easier. When the day comes, you'll have your boxes, tape, and the mindset you need to make decluttering and downsizing a success!

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