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How to Step Up Your Curb Appeal

We’ve said it before — first impressions are everything, especially in real estate! The outside of your home and its surroundings set the tone for what potential buyers can expect to see when they enter your home.

The rise of online home listings has led to the impact of "curb appeal" starting before customers ever lay eyes on the home in person. Your listing photos will make a big impact here, but clearing out the small, lived-in things — bikes by the garage, withered plants, shoes by the door — can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the exterior.

Before making any big decisions about curb appeal upgrades, it can be extremely helpful to get a new set of eyes on your home’s exterior appearance. We tend to get used to the little defects or the well-loved personalities of our homes — driveway dips, creaky porches, scratches on doors or steps, etc. So, getting someone else to take a fresh look can help you figure out what to focus on to improve curb appeal!

Here are some of our

favorite tips to step up

your curb appeal!

1. Front Door Reset Upgrading the color of your front door can totally change the feel of your home. Pick a color that is already integrated in your interior design. This will allow for the door to set the tone for what’s to come.

2. Light It Up

Just like the inside a home, lighting on the exterior of a home can transform its appearance from the road. Not only does the lighting create a beautiful visual experience, but it can also provide safety. Take the time to consider the style of lighting and fixtures that will best suit your home and personal style.

3. Power of Landscaping

Landscaping can seem like an overwhelming project to tackle, but there are a few adjustments that can make a big difference. First of all, keeping the grass and weeds maintained will change the whole look of your yard.

A bold color choice for the front door might be too much for your style, but flower boxes or bright landscaping with flowers and trees can bring attention to your home without overwhelming the viewer. If your yard seems too spacey, try planting a tree or two to frame your entry way — just be mindful of how big they might grow in the future.

4. Details Make a Difference

If you’re looking for some minor changes that’ll make a considerable mark, here are some of our favorites! Upgrading your mailbox can be a major curb appeal boost, especially if you find one that coordinates with the colors or hardware finish as your home. Check with your city or community to see if there are any regulations for mailboxes before!

Hardware upgrades like new house numbers, upgraded doorknobs, or a unique knocker can make all the difference not only in appearance, but in the personality of your home.

5. Walk This Way

Finally, you can round out great curb appeal with a beautiful and practical walkway. Whether its a completed sidewalk or separate stones leading to your door, this addition will without a doubt add a welcoming atmosphere to your home.

At the end of the day, you AND your guests will enjoy the walk into a home that is almost as wonderful as the people inside of it. 😊


Like we said, first impressions are a driving force in real estate, and we hope this helps you step up your curb appeal! Whether you’re just starting the buying or selling process or just need some advice, we are happy to help. Get in touch at!

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