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Understanding Real Estate: Choosing a Home

Are you or a loved one preparing to buy a home in the near future?

Or maybe you're just wondering how the process works before you get into it?

There are several key qualities to look for in your next (or first) home.

Some aren't as obvious as others, so keep reading!

Things to Look for When Choosing a House

Travel Time

You want your commute to work to be as easy and efficient as possible. This helps you start and end your day on a high note! Find a home with a reasonable travel time in relation to your occupation location.

Year Built

What year was this house built? Has it been updated? When was it remodeled? How will this effect any future updates/additions you may want to make? Will things need to be replaced soon after moving in? These are all questions you should be asking when looking at a home.


Be sure to think ahead when it comes to parking. You may think you have enough now, but remember - the older your family gets, the more cars there will be in the driveway.

Nearby Schools

This is huge! you want to make sure you live within the bounds of the best schools in the area. Giving your child access to the best education possible is a priority. Make sure to gather information or talk to the right resources, to help ensure that the nearby schools will meet all of your children's needs.


Make sure you feel safe and comfortable in the neighborhood. A safe yard space for kids and animals to play, a sense of community and your neighbors can serve as a very special and important characteristic in a home. Peace of mind about the area and a welcoming community are amazing features!

Not sure where to start?

Looking for a real estate resource to help navigate your next step?

You're in the right place.

Contact The Morris Team today - We can't wait to hear from you!


Contact The Morris Team today!

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