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Understanding Real Estate: Interior Design

Whether you’re in a new space or want to bring a different feel to your current space, interior design can seem like an intimidating process. Interior designers are great aides in this process, but we’re sharing some quick tips and ideas that you can implement to give your home a fresh feel. Your home and it's space should represent YOU!

Inspiration is everywhere

• Starting the design process can be the hardest part for many people. Looking at a blank canvas for a room can be pressuring, especially if you don’t know what you want the room to feel and look like. Lucky for you, there’s inspiration everywhere, especially with the help of social media like Pinterest and Instagram! Spark creativity by flipping through magazines, surfing design websites, and browsing different styles on Pinterest. Create a physical or digital board for each room or space you’re decorating – include how you want the room to feel, the layout, and the décor that brings you joy.

• If you’re completely unsure of your design style, use this process to narrow down your specific style(s). This will make the design and shopping process so much easier down the line!

Pro Tip: Found a piece you love but not sure where it’s from? You can use reverse image search on Google Images to find that piece or something similar!


There’s power in three’s

Color schemes in three’s

• Color is one of the most powerful aspects of any design, as we have very personal and emotional attachments to color. It sets the tone for a space and shows our personality in the most obvious ways.

• Here’s how we recommend implementing this: pick a color for walls, a color for larger accents and pieces of furniture, and a color for accessories such as pillows, vases, etc. Use the range of shades within a color as well! Let’s try it in action – let’s say your color palette is off-white, teal, and orange. Off-white would work for your walls, teal-based colors/patterns for your larger pieces, and shades of orange for any accessories.

Most elements work in three's

• For example, a large vase with flowers, a statement candle, and a stack of books are the perfect adornment for a coffee table as they work in a group of threes even though each item has its own visual interest.


Tune into texture

• If you’re more centered on a single-color scheme, think about how texture can add interest to a space. By adding textures, you can add layers, feelings, and interest to the space – by using the same color or a completely new one. Texture makes a room feel ­more cultivated and can better reflect the personality of a home.

• Textures are also easy to adapt to lifestyle. Consider more durable, darker fabrics for a home full of kids or pets, or invest in more ornate linens for a sophisticated feel!


Make a statement!

• Sometimes the fear of making the wrong design choice limits us, and we end up selecting too many small, “safe” pieces. Use the combination of statement and more casual pieces to your advantage – mix old and new, small and large, thin and thick for a more interesting, well-rounded space. Even the smallest rooms still have the space for statement pieces, whether that’s a rug, couch, painting, or something totally unique!


Bring it all together with “collecting” pieces

• Ever notice how many bowls, baskets, and trays are in well-designed spaces? It’s because these pieces not only “collectable” items such as candles, books, and flowers...but they allow for a more layered, sophisticated feel! This is another great place to bring texture into your space. A wicker basket is the perfect place for comfy throw blankets, or a metal tray can house your favorite candles and coasters.


Small things make a big difference

• Interior design is a perfect example of how the little things can make a big difference, no matter how big or small the space. Here are some of our favorite details that can make a great impact:

  • Murals & statement art pieces that bring you joy can make a house feel like a home.

  • Mixing older, antique pieces with modern, trendy pieces.

  • Lighting sets the tone for a room – choose it wisely.

  • Step up your ordinary spaces like pantries or powder rooms with fun wallpaper.

  • Upgrade fixtures such as light switches, knobs, and even visible wires to be more posh and cohesive.


Trust your intuition!

• While it can be an intimidating process, anything in your home that makes you happy is the right choice. Designer Olivia Erwin advises, “Follow your gut. If you have to talk yourself into liking something, you probably don't."


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