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Erica's Favorite Place to Unwind

Keep reading to hear more about Terramé Day Spa & Salon, one of Erica's most beloved places to go after a long week of work! You deserve a change to relax and reset, so check out the information below on why Erica loves it and where you can find them. Take this as a sign to celebrate all that you do with some self-care!

Erica, on one of her favorite places, Terramé Day Spa & Salon:

Let’s talk about my favorite place in the world, Terramé Day Spa!

They do an incredible job of making the place a relaxing environment. I love going there after a long week of work. I’m able to unwind and get beautified!

The Jones Valley location has the salon and spa. Everything from the top of your head, hair, facials, make-up, to the tips of your toes, mani/pedi's like nowhere else in town. They also have everything in you need to give you a healthy glow: massages, hydrotherapy tub, waxing, spray tan.

Midtown hair salon, with the blow dry bar, is fabulous for a drop in appointment to give you that "instant pretty"!

The newest of them all, The Madison salon, has a little of salon & spa combined, along with all things for the guys!

If you are looking for a relaxing day to treat yourself, someone you love, or go out with the girls - I would highly recommend checking out Terramé!



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