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Explore Huntsville: HSV Botanical Garden

Summer is here! During the warm weather, we love spending the day at the Huntsville Botanical Garden and taking in all the beautiful views! They have plenty of events to keep you and your family busy all season long. 🌷 Check out some of the great images we've taken too!

The Garden is hosting many classes for adults. You can find in person and virtual classes depending on your level of comfortability! You can learn about gardening to improve the landscape of your own home, or learn how to keep unwanted animals away from your garden. 💐 There are plenty more options to choose from. To find out more, visit

Of course there's something for the kids too! The Garden has got you covered with their Youth Camps. This summer they will be offering 12 different camps so there is a fit for everyone! Starting on June 4th and lasting through the summer, your kid can be enriched in nature with loads of hands on STEM activities and projects. Get together a squad and plan your summer now! 😎 Find more information here:

And it doesn’t stop there! If you go on any normal day, there is so much to see! If you are interested in art, there are so many sculptures installed throughout for you discover. 😋

Our favorite thing to do is go to the Purdy Butterfly House! Fun Fact: It is the largest open-air butterfly house in the nation! We could spend all day looking at the huge variety of butterflies. Be still and they might land on you!

Whether you just want a peaceful summer stroll, or you want to see beautiful wildlife and exotic plants, the Huntsville Botanical Gardens is definitely the place to go! 🌻 Find more information about all that is offered on their website, here: or on their Instagram here:


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