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Staying in the Loop: Discussion with Madison City Council Member, Maura Wroblewski

We talked to Maura Wroblewski about the future of Madison City and some exciting new programs! Maura is a Council Member on The Madison City Council, and she was thrilled to share about the growth of the city! Keep reading to learn more.

Madison has become quite an extensive collection of wonderful communities. What role has the city and city council played in driving this growth? Are you excited about this growth?

The City and the Developer(s) have worked closely together in driving the smart growth in the developments mentioned below.

For further information about our Growth Policy in Madison I direct you to these resources:


What are some of the near and middle-term goals for Madison that the city council is currently working towards - anything you are particularly excited about?

I, personally, am most excited about the Mill Creek Greenway Extension in my District that continues the Greenway from the dog park and through 4 nearby area subdivisions.

You can see the greenway map here and the MCC Greenway is in pink through the center of our City:

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